Our Heritage

Polar Capital Global Financials Trust plc (PCFT) made its debut on the London Stock Exchange in July 2013, raising £153m from a wide selection of investors.

The Trust was launched as an opportunity to invest in the long-term growth potential of the global financials sector, one of the largest investable sectors, with a focus on more established companies.

The fund managers have complete freedom to choose how much they allocate to any one region, to any size of company and to any subsector, thereby allowing them to take advantage of where they see the best opportunities at the time they make the investment.

PCFT was originally set up with a fixed-life to May 2020 at which point the Trust would be wound-up and the proceeds returned to shareholders.

In April 2020, shareholders voted for PCFT's life to be extended indefinitely subject to regular tenders, the next to be in June 2025 at NAV minus costs.

In a single company, PCFT allows investors access to a vast array of financial companies that together represent one of the largest sectors globally and one that oils the wheels of the worldwide economy.