What Information Do We Collect

Polar Capital may use “Cookies” to collect and access information concerning your visit to and use of the Website. “Cookies” are small pieces of information that your internet browser places on your computer’s hard drive and may be used by third parties to remember usernames and viewing preferences, tracking click streams on your browser and present users with personalised versions of the Website. Polar Capital presently uses the information it collects to identify you and your settings when you return to the Website and to enhance your experience of the Website. For full details on the “Cookies” applied by Polar Capital to your use of the website, please see the “Our Cookies” table below.

Where Polar Capital processes the information it collects from your use of the Website, other than the collection and access of such information, it will be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations (EU) 2016/679 (‘GDPR’). For more information about how Polar Capital process the personal information collected by “Cookies”, please read the Polar Capital Data Privacy Notice.

Types of Cookies

  1. Strictly Necessary – Cookies that enable the operation of this website.
  2. Analytical – These are cookies through which third party providers monitor the traffic on our website and help us to improve the experience for visitors.
  3. Functionality – These are cookies that recognise you when you visit the website on multiple occasions and may personalise the content you see on the website according to your preferences.
  4. Session – These cookies keep track of your use of the website for the duration that of the time that you are accessing the website.

Our cookies

Information about the individual cookies we use and the purposes for which we use them is included in the table below:

Cookie Type Cookie Category Cookie Identifier Description Duration of Cookie Operation

Session Identifier



Used if you did not select the ‘remember me’ checkbox when you accepted Terms & Conditions when you first visited the Website.

For the length of time you browse the Website

Persistent Identifier



Used if you selected the ‘remember me’ checkbox when you accepted Terms & Conditions when you first visited the Website.

For 90 days from the day you first accessed the Website

Cookie Notification



Used to store your response to the cookie notification that pops up when you first visit the Website. This ensures that you won't keep seeing the cookie notification on future visits to the Website.

For 1 Year from the day you first accessed the Website

Online Form Security



Used to prevent cross-site request forgery. This is where a malicious cyber programme takes actions on a website not intended or requested by the user of that website. It is applied to all visitors on our Website.

For 1 Year from the day you first accessed the Website

Google analytics



These cookies are used to collect information in an anonymised form about how visitors use our websites. We use the information to produce reports covering metrics such as numbers of visitors to pages and time spent on the website.

_ga – 2 Years
_gid – 24 Hours
_gat – 1 Minute

How to Disable Cookies

You have the option of setting your browser to block “Cookies”. In some cases, blocking “Cookies” may reduce the functionality of the Website or prevent access to it depending on your chosen internet browser options.

Information on how you can disable cookies relevant to your browser may be found below:

If you are not using any one of these browsers, please refer to the “help” section of your internet browser for further instructions.

More Information Regarding Cookies

More information on the types of cookies, their purposes and how you can manage your cookies can be found at www.ico.org.uk/your-data-matters/online/cookies.