Cumulative Performance (%)Data as at 29 January 2021

Since Launch
1 Month3 Months6 Months1 YearSince Launch
Ordinary Share Price-2.1531.3934.711.4672.46
NAV per Share (TR)-1.6418.5019.98-2.5778.43
MSCI ACWI Financials (NTR)-2.1915.5715.16-6.1765.67

Discrete Annual Performance (%)Data as at 29 January 2021

Since Launch
30.11.20 - 29.01.2129.11.19 - 30.11.2030.11.18 - 29.11.1930.11.17 - 30.11.1830.11.16 - 30.11.17
Ordinary Share Price1.79-1.5412.41-1.6916.66
NAV per Share (TR)2.57-6.3610.70-1.6016.40
MSCI ACWI Financials (NTR)0.56-8.197.96-0.4415.75

Source: Bloomberg & HSBC Securities Services (UK) Limited, percentage growth, Net of Fees in GBP. Benchmark: MSCI ACWI Financials Net Total Return Index (in Sterling). The Trust was launched on 1 July 2013. The Net Asset Value (NAV) as at 1 July 2013 was 98.0p per ordinary share based on the subscription price of 100.0p per ordinary share and launch costs of 2.0p per ordinary share. Past performance is not indicative or a guarantee of future results. The share price performance is adjusted for dividends paid out.

The benchmark changed on 23 April 2020 to MSCI ACWI Financials Net Total Return Index (in Sterling) due to the Trust’s exposure to Emerging Market financials equities and its limited exposure to real estate equities. Prior to this the Trust’s benchmark was MSCI World Financials + Real Estate Net Total Return Index. Preceding 31 August 2016, the Trust’s benchmark was the MSCI World Financials Index, which included Real Estate as a constituent until its removal that year. Benchmark data above illustrates linked performance of these benchmarks.

The performance of the MSCI ACWI Financials Net Total Return Index (excluding Real Estate, in Sterling) from the Trust’s inception is used for illustrative purposes only.

Ordinary share price (TR), calculated by reinvesting dividends at relevant ex-dividend dates, does not take into account returns shareholders would have received from the subscription shares that they were issued with at launch. Please note that the subscription shares issued at the time of launch were subject to a single exercise date being 31 July 2017.